Federal Acquisition Management Services


MSP Services

The founders of Stratify LLC are pioneers in providing MSP (Managed Service Provider) Services to the Department of Energy. From design, implementation, and management of commercial VMS (Vendor Management System) to development of a diverse, effective supply base of subcontractors providing excellent professional, technical, and administrative services, Stratify principals have created a virtual marketplace for government line management.



Stratify MSP services include a unique method of managing subcontractors to give government clients an additional compliance layer.  Stratify processes includes assuring that the supply is complying with contract flow downs such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Department of Energy Acquisition Requirements (DEAR).  Stratify coordinates security badging of contracted labor and ensures co-employment issues are mitigated before they begin.  Compliance in the government agency environment is a must and Stratify makes it a priority. 


Stratify's MSP Services is the right choice for your federal acquisition needs.